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A few more days and we are hitting the new year 2019. I am always excited about entering a New Year because there is always the promise of new beginnings. We feel comfortable to wipe the slate of our lives clean and to begin on a fresh, clean and empty slate. We are free to rewrite what we hope our lives can be. It does not matter how bad things are, for most people, the new year brings renewed hope for things we have given up on, a renewed zeal to accomplish tasks that we got too weary to carry during the past year and for me, knowledge that with God there is nothing I cannot accomplish.

In the past few weeks, I have been reading Michelle Obama's book, "Becoming ". What struck me when reading the book is that Michelle, is an ordinary person coming from an ordinary background. So is Barrack Obama. They did not come from privileged backgrounds with lots of resources at their disposal. On the contrary, their families were of modest means. Yet against all odds, breaking many barriers and seemingly insurmountable obstacles they became the first black couple to reside in the White House. What I realized is that they maximized every opportunity ever received in life to realize the manifestation of their dreams and visions. The encouragement I received from reading the book is that, if they could do it, so can I. It is never too late to dream and to accomplish our dreams. I also thought to myself that I have unlimited resources if I dare to access them. Our God has limitless resources which He will make available to us if we have the right motives and the right cause. So to everyone reading this, Dare to dream and go for it!

This year has been amazing for us at Safe Haven. I was so blessed to add a wonderful and extremely resourceful Director to our team. She is helping to make our dream in Ghana of changing lives and supporting breast cancer victims and survivors, a reality. With much help and effort from her and other dedicated volunteers in Ghana, we pulled off a fundraising event meant to raise funds for opening the cancer support centre in Ghana. We raised a healthy amount towards achieving that goal and we hope that dream to be realized much sooner than later. I wish to thank Eunice and her team in Ghana for the herculean effort to launch safe haven cancer support center in Ghana. Well done and my never ending gratitude to them!

I also wish to thank my Board of directors in Ghana as well as in Canada. Thank you for buying into the vision and for your encouragement and support. I thank those who have helped me and supported the organization financially by donating. We could not do what we do without you and I am forever grateful. I thank my volunteers who help me with my website and other services which I cannot repay. I am very grateful.

I thank our clients who access our services and make us relevant. May Jehovah, our Healer grant you divine health and give you courage to fight as you face your challenge. We are here to stand with you. You do not have to fight this fight alone!

We have a video on you-tube which is very informative and an excellent tool for cancer awareness and education. The video can also be accessed from our website at and on facebook. We already have 1k plus views and want to reach a million. You can make it happen by viewing the video and sharing it. Don't forget to like it when you do. The video has a speech by Dr. Florence Dede a renowned advocate, educator and speaker on the subject. She is a surgeon at the Korle-Bu teaching hospital in Accra and a lecturer at the University of Ghana Medical School. Please check out the video and share it with everyone you know. Although people do not wish to hear about cancer, it is a part of our lives whether we like it or not. Ignoring it does not make it go away. Knowledge and education will reduce mortality rates of the disease and may prolong lives. I strongly believe that as much as God can heal us miraculously through our faith in Him, He heals us also by providing excellent resources through science which He created. So let's use ALL of God's resources to obtain healing.

I wish everyone a very peaceful, joyful and meaningful Christmas season and a dream fulfilled, safe and purposeful New Year!

Janet Brakohiapa

Founder & Director, Safe Haven Cancer Support Society and Center

December 2018

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