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The inspiration to set up this non-profit organization was borne out of a realization that black people, maybe I will qualify it a bit more, African people, do not like to talk about certain things in their lives publicly. One of the things they do not like to talk about is terminal illness or serious life threatening conditions. Conditions such as cancer are considered by some as taboo and are definitely not things you talk about in my community. People start to look at you funny when they find out you have cancer or have had it. Sometimes it seems to me that people think it may be catching. If they do talk to you, it is with a lot of what I think is condescension and pity. They treat you like something that is likely to break or something to be avoided in case what you have transfers to them.

Here is to all the people out there who think they have to travel this road alone. You don't. There are people out there who want to support you in your journey to make it less lonely. Anytime I think about what I do, I see in my mind's eye, God giving a person a warm bear hug and saying to the person, I gottcha!

I am going to share my story in segments on this blog and share some things I learnt from the time I found a lump in my breast to the time I finished treatment.

I found going through this journey, that the important thing is not to try and go it on your own. I am not going to be giving medical information. I am not qualified to do so. I am not a doctor or a scientist. I will just share things that worked for me and hope you can find something in my experiences that will make your journey easier.

Stay blessed and hugs to you.

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